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Professor Susan Wright, University of Oxford

Susan Wright (D. Phil. In Social Anthropology, University of Oxford) is Professor of Educational Anthropology at the Department of Education (DPU), Aarhus University. She studies people’s participation in large scale processes of transformation and works with concepts of audit culture, governance, contestation and the anthropology of policy. Since 2003 she has researched academics’, managers’ and policy makers’ engagement with Danish university reforms. Previously, in the UK, universities were one of several sites through which she studied changing forms of governance since the 1980s. Informing all her work are insights gained from studies of political transformation in Iran before and after the Islamic Revolution. She coordinated the EU project URGE (University Reform, Globalisation and Europeanisation) and currently coordinates the EU ITN project UNIKE (Universities in the Knowledge Economy) which, with 6 partners, 30 associated partners, 11 PhD and 3 Post Doc fellows, is researching university reform in Europe and the Asia-Pacific Rim. She co-edits (with Penny Welch) the journal LATISS (Learning and Teaching: International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences) and recently published Policy Worlds: Anthropology and the Anatomy of Contemporary Power (co-editors Shore and Peró, 2011, Berghahn).

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